Geek Effusion after Sunday Brunch!

Susie and I went out to the Bedford Academy for brunch last Sunday and whom do we see there but Robert Wisdom (aka Major Howard “Bunny” Colvin of HBO’s The Wire.) At first, we let him enjoy his shrimp and pad thai in peace. As he went to leave, I guess that he decided to acknowledge my bashful smirking and girlish giggling. Mr. Wisdom came on over and just said, “Yeah, it’s me.”

He’s in town for the upcoming ABC series, “Happy Town.” He shook our hands (twice!) and thanked us for our effusive praise of his work in the most Dickensian of TV series. Another bystander told him that she fully supported his work in the Western District (look it up.) If you see him around town, here’s a tip – he does photos but demurs at autographs.

Anyway, that’s how we spend our Sunday afternoons…with the greatest actors of contemporary television.

P.S. Please also go see “District 9.” Truly, it’s one of the better sci-fi films I’ve seen in recent memory. Like the best of the genre, it provides sharp commentary on human failings and current issues (in this case, racism, militarism and treatment of refugees.) If you’re not cheering for Christopher Johnson and son by the end, then you’re on the wrong side. Here’s hoping that “District 10” is already in pre-production!


5 Responses to Geek Effusion after Sunday Brunch!

  1. Midge Klump says:

    Between you and Dinner Blog by Dave, my fave bloggers are spotting celebrities all over the joint!

  2. Mark says:

    Good sighting. Did he have the season 5 goatee and paunch or was he closer to the clean cut 3rd season version?

    • jantzib says:

      It was Season 5 all over the place. Note: he looked bigger in person than he did on the show. Apparently, one of his hobbies is Cuban drumming. Each arm looked like its own tree trunk.

  3. Your fans want to hear more details about the brunch.

    • jantzib says:

      Uh, Susie had smoky bacon and eggs. I had bison sausage (with cranberry mixed in) and eggs. We ate both dishes happily and with no indigestion or heartburn.

      That enough for you?

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